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Creating Engaging Online Courses with Live Lessons: Tips and Tricks

Creating Engaging Online Courses with Live Lessons: Tips and Tricks
The digital age has transformed the landscape of education, introducing the dynamic realm of live online lessons. These sessions offer a unique opportunity for real-time interaction and engagement. Platforms like SubSchool provide the tools needed to create these immersive learning experiences. This guide delves into effective strategies for crafting engaging online courses that incorporate live lessons, enhancing the educational journey for both students and educators.

The Power of Live Lessons in Online Education

Bringing the Classroom to Life Virtually

Live lessons in online courses bridge the gap between traditional classroom settings and digital learning, offering a blend of interaction, personalization, and convenience.

Preparing for Live Online Teaching

Mastering the Technology

Familiarize yourself with the technical aspects of live streaming, including software, hardware, and internet connectivity. Ensure a stable and high-quality video and audio setup to provide a seamless learning experience.

Structuring Your Live Sessions

Plan the structure of your live sessions with clear objectives, engaging activities, and time for Q&A. A well-structured session keeps students engaged and on track with the lesson goals.

Engaging Students in Real-Time

Interactive Teaching Methods

Incorporate interactive teaching methods such as polls, quizzes, and collaborative discussions. These activities foster active participation and keep students engaged.

Personalising the Learning Experience

Use live sessions to provide personalized feedback and support. Address individual student queries and tailor your teaching based on real-time student responses.

Crafting Compelling Content for Live Lessons

Mixing Media and Teaching Styles

Blend various media types like slides, videos, and live demonstrations. Mixing teaching styles caters to different learning preferences and keeps the content dynamic.

Storytelling and Real-World Examples

Engage students with storytelling and real-world scenarios. These techniques make lessons more relatable and memorable.

Maintaining Student Engagement and Participation

Creating an Interactive Environment

Encourage an interactive environment where students feel comfortable participating. Foster a sense of community where every student's contribution is valued.

Managing Online Classroom Dynamics

Be adept at managing the dynamics of an online classroom. This includes balancing different student personalities and ensuring a respectful and inclusive environment.

Assessing and Improving Student Learning

Continuous Feedback and Assessments

Incorporate continuous feedback mechanisms and regular assessments to gauge student understanding and progress. Use this feedback to adjust your teaching approach as needed.

Encouraging Reflective Learning

Encourage students to engage in reflective learning practices. This helps them internalize the lesson content and apply it to their own experiences.

Overcoming Challenges in Live Online Lessons

Addressing Technical Issues

Prepare for potential technical issues. Have backup plans and provide guidance to students on how to troubleshoot common problems.

Ensuring Accessibility and Inclusivity

Ensure that your live lessons are accessible and inclusive. Consider students with different needs and provide accommodations such as captions or alternative learning resources.

Leveraging Platforms for Effective Course Delivery

Choosing the Right Platform

Select a platform like SubSchool that offers robust features for live lessons, including streaming capabilities, interactive tools, and student engagement analytics.

Utilising Platform Tools to Enhance Learning

Maximize the use of platform tools to enhance the learning experience. This can include chat functionalities, breakout rooms for group work, and resource sharing capabilities.


Creating engaging online courses with live lessons is an art that combines technology, pedagogy, and creativity. By following these tips and tricks, educators can craft interactive and impactful live sessions that enrich the online learning experience. Platforms like SubSchool serve as valuable allies in this endeavor, providing the necessary tools and features to bring your live online courses to life.