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Why has the idea to give everyone an education that will allow him to do what he loves has become my main mission?

If you had asked me a couple of months ago - What does SubSchool do?
I would answer that we increase the accessibility of education by automating the teacher's routine. But if you think about it, what is the value of making education accessible? The very education of which is often not enough to pass exams so as to get a scholarship to the university, the very education after which most people go to work outside their profession with a diploma, or go but are completely unhappy in their work. Something needs to be changed.

Therefore, we declared our mission to give an education that will allow you to get a job you love. The method is not so important, maybe a quality school education is enough for someone, we must help someone choose the right university and pass exams, and prepare someone to take special courses in their profession or teach self-education.

Education is not that important. To be honest, education in itself has no value at all. The value is that a person has a business that he sincerely loves. For some, this may be the creation of new microprocessors, and for some, just drawing. We want to teach people to follow their hearts and teach in order to be a happy person and benefit society with their work.

Globally, if every person on earth has the opportunity to do what they love, then this person will have neither the time nor the desire to envy any of the other people. Such a person will not insult a person of other views, will take care of life on earth, will never support militaristic government, will not become a marginal and a criminal. Therefore, education that allows a person to get a job he loves can be the key to a new society - without crises, hunger, wars and violence.